Originally referring to the space on the dance floor where the queer gathered, FRONTLEFT now represents a self-identified family, a transient, intersectional space created by our bodies and where identities are formed, informed and performed.

What started as a result of my personal journey, FRONTLEFT has morphed into a multi-disciplinary art research project which explores the transcendental qualities of the femme, sex-positive queer techno movement.

Combining painting, performance and visual art, the project aims to harness the creative power of the scene, and encourage discussion around the role of raving as activism and artistic research practice.

The current phase of the research will culminate with an exhibition at the Royal College of Art’s Dyson Gallery in London from the 8th to the 13th of December.


Especially commissioned by the V&A, Contemporary living / Erased bodies reflects on the impact of gentrification on ethnic minorities and the queer community. Combining poetry, contemporary dance, and video, the piece aims to create a space for considering the tension and struggle of living in an ever-expanding city.

The name plays on the hyperbolic language used on advertising for new developments and the displacement and erasure that results from it.

  • Concept, Production and Choreography: Ricardo Suazo
  • Production Assistant: Hugo Da Silva
  • Video and Voiceover: Adam Popli
  • Music: Andreas Lof Hermannsson
  • Lighting Design: Atelier JOIN
  • Dancers: Adam Popli, Alina Ignatjeva, Attila Simony, Daniel Pini Neis, Hugo Da Silva, Matthew Renaudin, Prudence Malinki Ricardo Suazo, Veronica Glove
  • Special thanks to: Lewis G. Burton